How To Earn Income Online … Then Triple Your Income Online

Let’s continue our journey of Vick’s Strizheus’ video series on how to build your online business. David Wood, one of the founders of Empower Network, joins Vick in this video and together you get to listen to two of the top earners in the business today. These gentlemen know the secrets of how to earn income online.

To Earn Income Online And Become A Success, You Need A Mentor!

The amount of money that Vick has made in just the past 7 months is staggering, and he has created The Big Idea Mastermind to mentor anyone who is willing to follow his teachings. Get inspired as you watch these videos in this series. Believe that you too can earn income online.


Are You Ready To Learn How To Earn Income Online?

If so, then step up to the plate. Make the decision to change your life today. If you really believe in yourself, then you know you will earn income online when you join with a mentor like Vick Strizheus.

Thanks for checking in, and God Bless you!

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The Entrepreneur Mindset For Internet Marketing

Success is created in the mind, and if you want to achieve success in your internet marketing business it would be most beneficial to try and understand the entrepreneur mindset and how they seem to attract success to them in whatever they market.

Most individuals in the internet marketing business know or will get to know the marketing mechanics of drawing traffic to their websites or learning how to research good solo ad providers. They will learn how to create good copy and how to build landing pages, but with all that said how come so many fail to make money online. They seem to be doing what all the successful people are doing, but for some reason the big success escapes them. You may have copied everything that they do from a mechanics stand point, but you haven’t captured the entrepreneur mindset.

So What Is The Entrepaneur Mindset

Those that truly possess the entrepreneur mindset have spent a great deal of time removing all negativity from their lives. They will not accept any negative influences in their working or for that matter personal lives. They work daily on personal development either by reading or listing or watching those that have understood this key to success. Here is a good example of two individuals who have learned this very well, and are now top leaders in the internet marketing industry.



Their Entrepreneur Mindset Literally Changed Their Lives

One of the very interesting statements that David Sharpe said in this video was that when he was getting into internet marketing his concept was “that there was no room at the top”, but what he realized is “that there is no room at the bottom”. As you think about that and realize how many people are just sticking their toe in and hope for magic to happen, obviously the bottom is full of those that lack the commitment to learn the right way to be successful.

Start Creating Your Own Entrepreneur Mindset.

You can sit on the sidelines or continue doing what isn’t working, or you can jump aboard and follow these guys to a life of success. I assure you, they will inspire you to develop the  entrepreneur mindset that will take you to great levels of achievement. If you are still stuck on the fence then click below and learn more from the masters.

Thanks and God Bless!

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Your Internet Business – Are You Treating It Like A Business?

Whether you currently are in the Internet Business world or comtemplating entering, you have to decide right up front if this is serious or just something you want to tryout and see if something magical happens and you make a million dollars. If the latter is your mindset, then you may as well just stop reading now, because I’m looking to address the serious minded individuals who are looking to build a career in the fastest growing market today.

When you consider an internet business, just remember its no different than any other business, so you need to treat the entire process as you would a real tangible business. This means you have to develop a plan, layout a budget, and know that you will have to invest in your business for it to grow. As part of your budget you have to set aside at least 20% of your profits to re-invest back into your internet business. If you can invest more in the beginning, your business will grow faster.

Is An Internet Business That Difficult?

Its not difficult if you follow the steps that have been proven to be successful in an internet business. Too many people just think if I place a few ads or just send some emails out, then I just sit back and collect my money, at least that’s what all those emails in your inbox tell you will happen when you follow these few simple steps. Its not that simple, but also, its not rocket science either.

There are proven formulas that the leaders in the industry follow day in and day out that make them successful to the point of making more money in a year than most people make in a lifetime. These are the techniques and the tools that these leaders use and that you can learn when you follow the right leader. You see, these leaders (guru’s) have learned that by  teaching (giving back) others how to be successful, they intern become more successful.

So, if you are really serious about building your internet business, then pay attention and listen to one of those masters as he continues providing his video teaching series to anyone who wants to learn how to achieve success.



Build Your Own Internet Business Success

Vick continues providing mentoring and training as a standard part of his program. He knows that by helping those that follow him become successful, he intern continues to grow his own success.

So, if you are truly serious and you have the right mindset, then make a commitment to yourself. Commit that you are going to create your success, and your going to do it the right way. If you can make that commitment and believe completely in yourself, then my friend you are ready for the challenge. Click below and follow more of Vick’s teachings as he takes through some of the basic principles for creating an internet business success.

Thanks for your time and God Bless!

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Internet Marketing – Thinking Outside The Box

With any business, marketing is the key for success. The more creative you can be with how you position your business, then the odds play in your favor towards success. Internet Marketing is no different in finding ways to attract customers. The more you can differentiate yourself from  the crowd, the more likely you are to be rewarded with increased business.

outside the box

Thinking outside the box basically means that you understand what everyone else is doing in your field of specialization, and finding a way to do the opposite but still create the attraction for the prospective sign-up. Sometimes, especially with Internet Marketing, you will need to step outside your comfort zone to create new ways to approach your target market. As Vick talks about in his continuing video series below, you can get a taste of what you can do to re-think your approach to marketing. And if your new to the Internet Marketing world, this will give you some understanding of how to think outside the box.



Internet Marketing Is Not For Wimps!

As your email inbox fills with the next shinning object promising that you will become a millionaire just by doing these few steps, well we all know that’s not going to happen. But learning how to do it right, learning the basic principles of internet marketing and being consistent, your odds for great success improve dramatically.

How To Do Internet Marketing The Right Way

Anyone who has achieved success in the internet marketing arena did so by following those that were already successful. They learned from them, not only what to do, but also what not to do. Now all the “gurus” in the business put their own touch on their various techniques for success, but the basic principles are always present. The very first principle for all of them is “belief”, yes believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing, believe in your success. Once you can do that, and remove all negative influences from your life, your success is then within reach. Check out more of Vick’s teachings, click on the image below and create your new future.

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Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future – Your Dreams

No matter what you have experienced in your life, as of this moment, that part of  your life  is over. I’m sure that most all of us have experienced incidents in our past that we may never forget. The point is that its okay to remember, but the key is not to allow these moments in your past life negatively effect who you are going forward, especially your dreams of the future.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to focus on what we have been through instead of where we are going. As the wise man once said, there is a reason for everything we experience in life. The reason is to learn from those experiences not to dwell on them. Your dreams are the magic pill for your future. Hold on to them, visualize them and don’t ever let negativity take over your thought process. From this point forward, you can choose where you want to take your life. Listen to the story of Vick Strizheus who, besides facing challenging economic issues, also endured the most regrettable time of his life to go forward and fulfill his dreams. If he can do it there is no reason for you not to reach your dreams.


Have You Though About Your Dreams?

Take the time now to really think about what you want out of life. Then prioritize them and put a date as to when you want to achieve your dreams. Now write them down in you own handwriting, and put them where you know you will see them everyday. If they are actual physical things, consider finding a picture of the item and putting it with the list of your dreams. Now believe in these dreams without an ounce of negativity, and allow the laws of the universe take over. You will be amazed at how this can change your life.

 The Universe Shows The Way To Your Dreams

If you just let your beliefs take over, the laws of the universe will come into play and show you how to achieve your dreams. And, if your dreams are to achieve financial success, opportunities will present themselves for you to undertake and be successful. If you want to take a close look at how Vick has achieved his success, check out how he is mentoring his followers and may God Bless your dreams.

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